About Reverend Darlene

Born to be a caregiver and support for others.

While working with non verbal or the hearing impaired she learned sign language so as to be able to have clearer communications. Over the years she has volunteered in many capacities and has always left persons enriched from the opportunity.

She has a fundamental belief that all persons are equal and will always treat people the same. She also believes each person has a right to their own truth, beliefs and opinions. There is no right or wrong, it just is!

As a licensed wedding officiate she delights in couples having a ceremony to suit their style. Your day…your way is her motto.

Having personal experience with the lose of loved ones; her empathic and supportive nature brings comfort to those in need and will create a celebration of life that honours your loved one.

Rev. Darlene is available for weddings, Vow Renewals, Naming Services and Blessings, Celebrations of Life and Interments.

Rev Darlene works through and with Spirit as a Healer and Medium and Inspirational Speaker.


Mission Statement

I believe all persons were born equal; no one is greater or lesser than. We are all children of the universe & have a right to our journey. I believe love conquers all & all you need is love.

As a Licensed Wedding Officiant I will always strive to create a day special & unique for all couples, including same sex, multicultural & hearing impaired.

Do on to others as you would have done on to you”

I sincerely believe following this rule creates happiness in my life & to the lives touched as I minister to others.